Arthroscopic Subscapularis Repair

Early September 2007, I had an accident skiing for which l went to Hospital and they gave me some electrical stimulation treatment to my right arm   but it had always been weak since then. I rested my arm for the next couple of weeks but it got no better so l went to another Hospital where l was referred to their local shoulder specialist who sent me for a MRI scan.  

A week or so after this l went back to see the shoulder specialist. He looked at the scan and said l had a tear in my rotator cuff and all he could do was give me a cortisone injection to help with the inflammation. Cost so far was approx £700 and l have no insurance. I went along with what the doctor said. The injection didn't help, and as the months went past l could see my arm withering because of lack of exercise. I used to play tennis and work out two or three times a week, that was all finished now.   If l did work out then for the week after the work out l would have to lift my right arm up with my left arm to place it on the car steering wheel as l didn't have the strength to lift the arm by itself.

I suffered this for about 8 months and was getting quite fed up about the fact that my right arm was pretty useless. l decided to look around and see if l could find another shoulder expert. I was recommended Mr L Funk in
Manchester . Sod it l thought, I'll pay the return train fare and go up there from London .

I explained my plight to Mr Funk. He got his ultrasound gizmo out, a thing just like pregnant mothers have to see the progress of their child in the womb. He put a gel on my shoulder and ran the gizmo over it. He said you have a subscapularis full tear and displaced biceps tendon, which had come away from the bone. Yes, l said but can you do anything for me? He said this wasn't that common but he had done about 20 similar operations before by keyhole surgery. He said the op has a 90% plus chance of success and explained the procedure in great detail. He told me to go away and think what l would like to do. The cost was about £4000.00 altogether. 

Before the train was back in Euston l decided to go ahead with the op.

A few weeks later l arrived at the
Bridgewater Hospital in Manchester ready to have my op. Before the op Mr Funk said the operation and it success depended on three things: 1. him doing his job well. 2. Me doing my bit after the the op. and 3. The physio doing the right job with me.   I was very luck in as much as Mr Funk recommended me to Cathy Barrett at Paddington hospital in London (physio).

I was given an injection to settle me down before the op, and when in the operating room had an injection into my neck to deaden my arm (interscalene block). l wasn't to keen on injections and had it done once l was asleep.

I woke up after the op in pain, as the injection in the neck hadn't worked, so they had to give me morphine to ease the pain. I hadn't realised that this was quite a big op., even though it was done by keyhole surgery and you need at least two weeks rest to start to settle down.

Cathy gave me the exercises l needed and l saw her every other week, l did the exercises without exception and now 5 months later still doing all the exercises she gave me. My shoulder is fantastic! I'm swimming, playing tennis and golf best ever and really do thank Mr Funk and Cathy Barrett for a great job done, l now feel 38 not 58!

Video of a biceps tenodesis and subscapularis tendon repair

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